Fixing Your Own Auto Lighting Problems

One of your turn signals or both of your taillights are out just as you're getting ready to head out to do errands. Many car lighting problems can be easily fixed. Before you look for local car repair centers to do the job, here are the steps to do the work yourself and get you safely back on the road. Fuses and Bulbs The majority of lighting problems in your car are due to a bad fuse or a burned-out bulb.

Tire Blowouts: A Primer

Tire blowouts can be an expensive issue that could lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Luckily, there are some preventative steps you can take towards ensuring that they do not occur. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn a bit about what causes tire blowouts and what you can do to prevent them. Why Do They Occur? There is actually a span of months in which tire blowouts occur more than at other times, namely the summer months.

Identifying Oil Leaks In Your Car

Oil leaks happen in older cars often. How you get the oil to stop leaking will be determined by where the oil is leaking from. So, how can you tell where the oil is leaking from? Below, you will learn just that. Clean the Car Engine Before you can determine exactly where the leak is coming from, you have to clean the engine to get the old oil off. To clean the engine, you need an area to wash the engine that won't pose the risk of damage from the soapy water and sludge that will be washed off of the engine.

Tracking Down Expensive Auto Parts When You Don't Know Where To Look First: Tips And Buying Tricks

If you own expensive vehicles, but you also like to make your own repairs on them, it may be tricky to track down the parts you need. Since dealerships often encounter this same issue, you could borrow a page out of their "search and recover" book. Here are a few tips and buying tricks to help you find the expensive autom parts you need for your pricier cars. Call the Manufacturer Directly