Tracking Down Expensive Auto Parts When You Don't Know Where To Look First: Tips And Buying Tricks

If you own expensive vehicles, but you also like to make your own repairs on them, it may be tricky to track down the parts you need. Since dealerships often encounter this same issue, you could borrow a page out of their "search and recover" book. Here are a few tips and buying tricks to help you find the expensive autom parts you need for your pricier cars.

Call the Manufacturer Directly

When an auto dealership does not have a particular part in stock, say alternators for a 2008 Aston Martin, who do they call? They call the manufacturer, DC Motors, directly and ask to speak to a supervisor on the engine line. The manfacturer often has a backstock of inventory for most of the vehicles the company has ever made, going back a few decades. (Parts older than that will have to come from another source, or from a warehouse where older parts are kept.) This is probably your best and most direct source for obtaining auto parts for whatever expensive cars you currently own and repair yourself.

Attend Car Collector's Swap Meets

Even though you can afford these automobiles, getting a great deal on a part for repairs may not be entirely out of place with how you roll. Find the next car collector's swap meet, and if you attend, you may find exactly what you need to fix your vehicle. Just remember that it is a swap meet, so you need to take some valuable car parts with you to trade. The idea is to have something you can trade someone else for the parts you want, not attempt to buy the parts. If you would prefer the exchange of cold, hard cash for less expensive replacement parts, an auto auction is probably more your style.

Check Out Auto Auctions (If This Is Not Part of Your Hobby Already)

Auto auctions not only sell complete vehicles, but they also break down messed up vehicles and salvage them for parts. This is especially profitable for them, since they might not be able to sell a wrecked sports car, but they might make a hefty profit on several of its reusable parts. Many auto dealerships and mechanics attend auto auctions too, bidding and buying on whatever they think they can use. Bring cash, and lots of it, because if you try to pay with a check you may have to wait several days for the check to clear before you can take your treasures home with you.

Contact a parts dealer, like Western Starter Ltd, to get started on finding the parts you need.