5 Indicators That You Should Get Your Sunroof Inspected

Sunroofs are a great addition to any driving experience. However, they contain a lot of moving parts, and sometimes those parts can malfunction. Car sunroof repair is the last resort when an issue becomes serious, but you can seek an inspection early to avoid common pitfalls that could lead to greater damage and costs down the road. Whether you drive a car for work or play, here are 5 things that could signal a need for a professional repair or inspection:


If your sunroof is working correctly, it will slide smoothly to open and shut, usually with the simple pressing or holding of a button. However, there may be times when it jams and refuses to move. In this case, do not try to physically move the sunroof along its tracks. You could end up damaging it further. Instead, contact your sunroof specialist for a repair.

Makes Noises

Your sunroof may make small noises when it switches positions. This is normal, but a loud and constant noise or a scraping sound is a sign of trouble. If you notice strange noises, be sure to get it inspected. It could be an easy fix, or it might mean that you're going to have to replace the whole unit.


One of the joys of sunroof is driving your car around and enjoying the fresh air or sun from above. However, when it rains or snows, you want to be able to keep the weather outside. If you notice leaks, be sure that your sunroof is closed all the way. If it is, then you know that you need to get it inspected, as any kinds of leaks are not normal or acceptable for sunroofs in working condition.

Moves Slowly

Your sunroof has a normal speed that it moves at. Naturally, it may be faster or slower than other sunroof units you have used. However, take note of your sunroof if it is moving strangely slow. This might not just be a one-time issue. It could signal that the motor is growing weak and is about to break down.


Life happens, and sometimes that can mean that you accidentally bump your sunroof with your head or other object while in the car. If this happens and the sunroof is bent as a result, do not try to fix it yourself. You could end up damaging the actual window frame that the sliding roof is attached to, causing more damage and repair fees.

Sunroofs are meant to add freedom and enjoyment to your driving experience. However, if not taken care of, they can do the opposite. Always get a professional, such as T M Custom Auto Trim & Glass Ltd, involved when any of these warning signs pop up.