3 Common Habits That Can Cause Radiator Leaks

Radiator leaks aren't usually all that expensive to repair when compared to other major vehicle repairs, but this doesn't mean that a radiator leak isn't something that you should ignore. If your radiator starts leaking, you will have to pull over to prevent serious damage to your car. Unfortunately, a lot of people have bad habits that can actually cause radiator leaks. Make sure that you aren't making these mistakes, and you should be able to make your radiator last a lot longer.

1. Not Properly Maintaining Your Cooling System

You might change your oil as you are supposed to, but if you aren't following the other parts of your vehicle's maintenance schedule, you could put your radiator at risk. For example, you should have your radiator fluid completely changed every so often to ensure that there is no corrosion on the inside of your radiator. Your vehicle manual should tell you how often you should change your radiator fluid, but most manufacturers suggest doing it every 24,000 to 36,000 miles. If you live in a hot environment and drive your vehicle in the heat a lot, you might find that you need to do it even more frequently. Any shop that offers radiator repair services should be able to do this simple maintenance task for you, or you may be able to have it done while having your oil changed.

2. Not Replacing Hoses as Needed

Every time that you check your car's oil levels -- which you should be doing at least once a month, by the way -- you should also take a peek at your radiator hoses. Allow your vehicle to cool down a little bit first, then gently squeeze your radiator hoses. They should feel soft, supple and pliable, and you should not notice any rough spots or cracking. If they appear worn out, you should go ahead and replace them before they tear.

3. Not Driving Carefully

Did you know that your driving habits can actually affect your radiator? If you drive your car over potholes or speed bumps without slowing down, you could rattle your radiator and potentially cause it to crack. This means that you should avoid potholes and speed bumps when you can, and you should drive slowly over them when you can't avoid them.

Many drivers have bad habits that can cause radiator leaks. Avoid these common habits, and you can keep your radiator in excellent shape.

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