Keep Safe While You Wait For A Tow Truck

Seeing the flashing lights of a tow truck appear in your car mirror when you're stranded on the side of the road is a welcome sight. But, before you have your vehicle towed away and you begin the process of finding the right garage to fix it, it's imperative that you stay safe on the road. Inside or outside your vehicle, busy roads are loaded with danger, even after your tow truck arrives. By practicing a number of important safety tips, you can decrease your risk of further incidents. Here is what to do while you wait for the tow truck to arrive.

Pull Way Over

It's easy to get frazzled when your vehicle suffers a flat tire, runs out of gas or has a breakdown, but it's important that you keep your wits about you and pull your vehicle as far to the right side of the road as possible. Don't brake hard and swerve; put your four-way flashers on and gradually decease speed. On country roads, try to get all four tires in the gravel shoulder; on highways, move as far onto the paved shoulder as you can. This proper position not only gives the tow truck driver the most room possible, but also prevents disruptions to traffic.

Make Yourself Visible

Although you might mainly be occupied with figuring out the nature of your car trouble and calling a towing company, do your best to raise the visibility of your stranded vehicle. Ideally, you should be carrying a car safety kit; open the kit and remove the small, reflective pylons and then carefully place them on the shoulder behind your vehicle. If it's dark, light your safety flares and place them on the shoulder in the same location. If possible, leave your four-way flashers on and turn on the lights inside the vehicle to make it as visible as possible.

Stay In The Vehicle

It can be tempting to exit the vehicle and inspect the damage, look under the hood or simply get some fresh air at the side of the road, but it's imperative that you remain in your vehicle -- especially on a busy road. Even though your vehicle is stopped, it's important to keep your seat belt fastened. It's okay to exit the vehicle only if there's a safe place for you to stand, such as on a sidewalk or well beyond the shoulder, or if it's a hot day and you would get overheated from staying inside a hot car. 

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