Cooling System Issues: How To Tell You've Got One

With the rising temperatures of summer coming on, it's important to understand the signs of your cars cooling system issues. Your engine is a large machine that is using gas, running electricity and working in harmony to get your vehicle from point A to point B. When a cooling system is failing, your engine has the tendency to overheat which in a time with warm temperatures is a major cause in vehicle breakdowns:

Noticing Problems

When driving your car you need to understand the basic signs of a cooling system malfunction. The most noticeable symptoms are overheating, leaks, a strong smell of antifreeze and repeatedly needing to add coolant. If you are experiencing any of these problems the firsts step needed is to take a closer look at your symptoms before running to an auto repair shop. If a cooling system failure isn't treated properly it can be bad for your gas mileage, your engine and ultimately for you.


When driving your car take your time to notice the temperature of the engine. If your car is running at an abnormally high temperature without signs of cooling off your engine is overheating. To work against overheating it's best to pull over your car and turn off the engine so it's given enough time to cool off before driving it again to the nearest auto repair shop.


Once you realize you have a cooling problem then next thing to check for is leaking. The hoses connecting to the engine should be intact and there should be no visible fluid coming out. Your car should also be full of coolant that is flowing through the engine correctly. Check for leaks around the radiator is also a good way to cover all of your bases while looking for the source of your problem. After assessing your leaks take any you have found and report it to the auto repair shop or choose to replace and tubing or clamps on your own.

Smelling Antifreeze/ Adding Coolant

The scent of antifreeze is a good indicator that something is wrong with your cooling system.

Antifreeze is an additive for your car that will keep it running smoothly. However, when there is a strong scent of antifreeze the cause is usually an overuse of the solution, which your engine is compensating for with the overheating. The need for adding coolant as well is for the compensation of a failing cooling system. The engine is overworking and is not cooling down fast enough.

When you are trying to diagnose your car for the cause of the cooling system failures try to keep your car turned off to prevent overheating. The overheating will get worse and more dangerous when there are hot temperatures outside. If you cannot find the problem, any auto repair shop is going to be able to give suggestions on what to fix or replace before replacing them for you. By being proactive with a cooling system failure, you will save time and your car will be back on the road.

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