Keep The Inside Of Your Car Cool By Adding Tint To The Sunroof

Keep the interior of your car cool by tinting its sunroof. The tint will give your car an improved appearance and is easy to maintain.

Use The Following Items

  • mild detergent
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • squeegee
  • window tint
  • measuring tape
  • utility knife
  • lint-free cloth
  • glass cleaner
  • measuring tape
  • plastic sheeting

Clean The Glass And Prepare The Materials

Clean the exterior and interior side of your sunroof with soapy water and a lint free cloth. Dry the interior side of the glass off well before you apply the tint. Measure the length and width of the glass. Cut out a piece of window tint that is slightly larger. Having a piece that is larger will ensure that you have enough tint to cover the glass completely in case it isn't lined up perfectly. Once you are finished applying it, you can trim the excess.

Pour a small amount of mild detergent in a spray bottle and add water. Shake well. Cover the seats in your car with plastic sheeting. This will protect them from getting wet during the installation process. 

Apply The Tint

Wash your hands before applying the tint to reduce the chance of streaks or smudges appearing on the sunroof. Peel off the adhesive backing and spray the soapy water on the side that is being attached to the glass. Line up the tint so that it is even with the sunroof and press it firmly against the glass. Add more soapy water if any of the edges are loose.

Remove Bubbles And Allow The Tint To Dry

Push a squeegee in straight lines over the tint to assist with removing air bubbles and smoothing it out. Trim any excess tint around the edges of the sunroof with a utility knife. Use light pressure when completing this step so that you do not gouge the sides of the sunroof. Open your car's windows while you wait for the tint to dry. This may take several hours. After the tint has dried, you will be able to appreciate the cooler temperature inside of your car when you drive it on sunny days. Keep the tint clean with soapy water and a lint-free cloth.

Avoid spraying glass cleaner on the tint. Many types of cleaning products contain ammonia which could cause the tint to become discolored. Be gentle each time that you clean the tint. By doing so, the tint won't be likely to tear or peel and will look great for a long time. 

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