3 Unexpected Services Offered By Many Auto Wrecker Companies

When you think about hiring an auto wrecker service, you probably think about hiring someone to pick up your vehicle and take it to a mechanic's shop. Although this is obviously one of the main things that these companies do, you should know that many of them have other helpful services to offer. These are three unexpected services that you can ask your auto wrecker company about.

1. Getting Your Car Back on the Road

Most mechanics aren't available after regular business hours, but auto wreckers are generally available at all hours of the night and day. Therefore, it can be handy to call one of these services if you find that your vehicle isn't operable. Although auto wrecker services don't usually offer major repairs, they will typically change tires, charge batteries, pump up tires and unlock cars. Therefore, if you find yourself stranded but if there is nothing seriously wrong with your vehicle, one of these companies may be able to get you back on the road without having to tow your vehicle.

2. Cleaning Up After a Major Accident

If you've ever wondered who cleans up the mess after a car accident, you might not have guessed that an auto wrecker service was the one who deserved the credit. However, many auto wrecker services will do things like clean up gas or oil spills after accidents and clean up the glass from broken windows and mirrors. If you need help cleaning up a gas or oil spill or other debris after a car accident, an auto wrecker service may be able to help you.

3. Buying Junk Cars

If your car is in terrible shape after an accident and probably isn't repairable, the auto wrecker service might be willing to purchase it on the spot in exchange for the registration and ownership information. These companies will often sell these cars for parts and then scrap them for money, and selling your car to one of these services is a great way to get rid of a car that you are unable to fix and don't want to bother with.

As you can see, an auto wrecker service typically has a lot more to offer than just basic towing services. If you find yourself in need of any of these three things, now may be the time to call one of these companies to inquire about its helpful services. Click here for more info on auto wrecking services.