Pirates Of The Cargo Loaded: 3 Things You Must Know About Trailer And Load Theft

When ordering a new trailer, you already know that you'll need to have custom anti-theft features installed. These security devices may include alarms, cameras, locks and GPS locators. Your insurance carrier has probably advised you on procedures and methods you should implement to minimize hijacking of vehicles and equipment.

With trailer and cargo theft on the rise across Canada, you should also be aware of the following 3 facts:

1) Highway pirates target certain areas more frequently.

Your risk of cargo theft rises when your trailer is located in a risky area.

High-risk areas include spots near the coast, spots near railroad hubs and spots in unsecured parking lots. Take extra precautions when you have to park a trailer in any of these situations.

Always try to park a rig or a trailer in a fenced, secure location whenever possible. Encourage drivers to find trucking apps and social media sites that alert them to areas experiencing high levels of cargo and trailer theft.

2) Cargo piracy is a cyber crime as well as a physical one.

An office break-in or a website hacking is often the first sign your company is being set up for the theft of your trailer or cargo.

Whether a cargo hijacker obtains information to pose as one of your drivers, or merely snoops to find out which of your loads is the most valuable, your stolen cyber data will end up costing you.

Take immediate steps to secure your company's e-data and your offices. Set up a communication system to use codes on forms and other documents rather than spelling out names, expected locations and contents of shipping containers.

Don't allow drivers to geo-cache their locations. Don't allow drivers to use real names or facts on social media. Don't give the pirates any advance notice of your cargo's arrival.

3) Going overboard on ID can help solve cargo piracy.

Making sure you have proper VIN numbers in the right places won't help if thieves just remove or destroy them. Have VIN numbers placed in multiple hard-to-find areas on each trailer. Note where they are located - using a code for security - so you can help law enforcement identify any trailers stolen from your business.

Consider a system to ID cargo as well. It may take a few minutes to hide unique markers on random boxes or pallets, but investigators will love you for it. That's because they frequently encounter warehouse loads full of goods they know are stolen. However, the lack of identification on pirated goods fails to give them any leads or information about who actually owns stolen cargo.

If you are the victim of cargo or trailer theft, be sure to add your reports to the IBC's database. This enhanced reporting system will help law enforcement and the insurance industry track cargo theft. Adding your info to the system will help agencies share information and develop new anti-theft strategies.

When ordering new trailers, be sure to have your custom trailer specialist go over all of the newest security options available to you, so you can design the anti-theft package that works best for your specific situation.

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